Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bed Bugs?

I just had someone call to say that the cat trap we just loaned her didn't work. She said she wanted to return it to us. She said however that there were bed bugs in the trap and she wanted to let me know. I asked her if she was sure that they weren't fleas or ticks, but she said they were bed bugs. She said that she thought it came from the trap.

I'm a bit doubtful. First, the trap is metal - and metal objects aren't a good host obviously for fleas or ticks (or bed bugs) that feast on blood. Second, the trap just came out of a new box in my home - and the three other traps had been loaned out to other people with no problem. Very strange. In addition, I think they would be hopping around the car as well and this was a few weeks ago and I've had no problems with that.



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