Friday, February 16, 2007

Black sheep?

I just spoke to the TC officer about this case. He said that he just took over this area six months ago and that since then he has been getting a lot of complaints about the woman. He said that he had worked with responsible caregivers in other parts of the estate for many years and never had problems and that they did a very good job. He felt that she was doing a disservice to everyone because she was, in his words, the black sheep, that was bringing everyone's efforts into disrepute.

He too believes she is bringing in cats from other areas. He said that most of the neighbours generally knew her and didn't want to give her any problems, but that recently, things had come to a head because of her run in with the complainant.

This case is not going to end well for the poor cats.

Going out to collect a cat trap now.

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Blogger vegancat said...

A little spark in this gloom is that the TC has had good impression of caregivers so far.
Can only hope the cats do not have to suffer so.

16/2/07 7:18 PM  

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