Monday, February 26, 2007

Borrowing cat trap

I spoke with this woman today and asked if she still needed the cat trap. I was a little concerned the other day as I had brought the cat trap down and she asked me to just put it in the corridor as she wasn't at home. I told her I wasn't comfortable doing that because someone might come along and use the traps for other purposes (the complainant for example). She told me it was not a problem. I told her that in addition we asked for a fully refundable deposit which we return once the trap is given back. On hearing this, she immediately asked me what would happen if the trap was lost and I said that we kept the deposit then. She then told me not to leave it there because it might get lost.

She told me that she had some problems with the deposit. I explained that we just wanted to ensure that the trap would not be lost and that we had lost more than 20 traps this way in the past and a few thousand dollars too. We would try and work something out to ensure that the trap wasn't lost but that she didn't have to pay too much if she was unable to afford it. I also told her that perhaps she could borrow a trap from the AVA for free but that if it was lost, there was a $500 fine. She sounded keen till she heard about the fine. She said she wasn't keen on that as she might have to pay $500 if the trap went missing. I told her that if she took care of the trap, this wouldn't happen but she was unconvinced. She asked me to call a caregiver who lived nearby instead.

The caregiver (whom I had spoken with earlier as well) said that she was not putting down the deposit because she said that she was quite tired of the woman. The caregiver had paid for the sterilisations in the past and was willing to pay for this one too but that she knew if she put the deposit down, the woman would not bother to take care of the trap since she wasn't the one who would be out of pocket if the deposit was lost. The caregiver also said that she asked the woman for help to trap the cats and she had in fact paid for the sterilisations, but the woman wasn't willing to help with that even. The caregiver said she would speak with the woman and sort it out. She advised me not to loan the woman the trap for the time being. The caregiver will be paying for this sterilisation too.

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