Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cat in pavillion

Cat in pavillion
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I went to the next mediation, which was in a nearby block. I got into the lift with a man who got off on the same floor as I did. As I walked past him in the corridor, I noticed a cat shaped bowl with chicken wings in it. Then I noticed the man opening the door to the unit!

I asked him if he had been feeding the cats upstairs. He said that he had been. He left the food out for them to eat. I asked if he could please feed the cats downstairs. He assured me that the cats had all been sterilised (and the cats i saw downstairs had been).

I asked if he had cats at home as well, and he said that he did not. The neighbour next door told me later that the situation had become much better since he started keeping his own cats in. She did say that the cats came upstairs and ran around but weren't much problem. This seemed to be what most of the other residents I spoke to said, though the cats seem to be running up and down. A few mentioned the cats were defecating in the corridors too.

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