Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cats stuck in flat

I just spoke with a caregiver. She called me earlier today to say that she found out that a man had been arrested in her neighbourhood on Sunday for allegedly beating up his elderly mother. She told me that the suspect was quite strange and had tried to call the pest control once to trap the cats in the past. A neighbour then told the caregiver that there were a number of cats in the flat. He said there were at least four cats and they were in hiding.

The neighbour had been putting food under the door every day but there was a padlock on the grille. They could see a cage but weren't able to tell if there were cats in the cage.

I rang the police post and told the officer there (who knew immediately which case it was) about what happened. They said they would check and ring me back.

They rang me back and said that the officers who had gone to arrest the man had not seen any cats though they had seen cat food out. He said it was not a problem to open the flat and allow the caregiver to get the cats out which was good to hear. It was nice that they were so prompt about it as well.

The caregiver is getting a friend and the two of them will try and get the cats out today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great to hear that there is some good news the counterbalance the more trying cases!

great job, Dawn!

28/2/07 5:06 PM  

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