Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I just spoke with a TC officer from this estate. I mentioned I understood that they were having problems but I hoped they would not removed the sterilised cats (as far as I understand it there are only two).

He said that they had actually received a complaint and that they would remove only the two cats that the complainant had mentioned.

He mentioned possibly removing the sterilised cats to another area. I said this wasn't a solution because it meant someone else had to deal with it. He said that they had the same problem - someone had reported a pick up dumping 5 or 6 cats in their area one night. I told him that if everyone kept dumping on everyone else, this would be a perennial problem.

He also said that there were residents who were bringing cats up to the upper floors to let people play with them which was causing a nuisance to other residents.



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