Friday, February 02, 2007

I need you to help me help you

I just had a rather frustrating conversation with a feeder. She said that there were letters up saying that they were going to trap the cats in her area. From previous talks with this feeder, I anticipated it was going to be a pretty interesting conversation.

She said that apparently there were people trapping cats in the area because there had been complaints of cats scratching on a motorcycle. I asked her to please call and speak to her officer but she gave me several reasons she could not do it - she was not 'powerful' enough to affect an outcome, etc.

I then asked if she knew which cat it might be. She told me there were only 1 or 2 cats there, which somehow later became 7 or 8 cats. Then it got to the most complicated part of the conversation - I asked if the complainant was able to pointout the cat responsible (and she insisted there was only one possible cat), would she be prepared to move the cat away from that area to perhaps another block?

She insisted that because someone had recently bought a motorcycle cover for their bike that the problem had been solved. I asked if she was sure that this was indeed the complainant. She said that it HAD to be. She said there was a man who came down and told her off for feeding the cats. She said that he must be the same man who bought the bike cover and complained to the town council because she had been feeding there for several years.

I told her that it might be a completely different person and that we could not know that. She adamnantly insisted it had to be the same complainant. I asked if she had confirmed this with the TC but of course she had not, because she did not want to call them. I told her that feeding there for several years did not mean that people did not now have complaints, when they might not have had them in the past. I told her I just wanted to know if she was prepared to move the cat away if need be.

She went into another long sidetrack on how much she spent on the cats. I asked her the same question about moving the cats. She then went on about people trapping her cats and how she could not do anything about it.

By this time, I was starting to run out of patience. I told her I could only help her if she could help me to help her. After twenty minutes, she told me that yes, if the cat could be shown to be the problem she would remove it.

I asked for her address. She told me she didn't know. She told me that if I just called the TC they'd certainly know as they had pasted a letter about the cats in the area and that there was only one person who took care of catching cats in the TC. My explanations to the contrary were brushed aside. I asked if she was able to tell me whose number and name was on this letter. She said she couldn't read English. I wonder how she managed to find out that the cats were going to be trapped then. Finally, she was able to give me the block number.

And no, she's not an elderly woman. She's only in her 50s according to another caregiver I spoke with after. This caregiver said that this woman just has a tendency not to listen.


Anonymous Justin said...

It is really tough to talk to people who dont want listen to what u r saying n talk on their own. Byethe way, what happened finally? Am inquisitive..

2/2/07 7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dawn helps those who help themselves, and even those who are hopeless in that regard.

2/2/07 9:48 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

justin - it turned out they weren't intending to catch the cats at all. It was all just a misunderstanding (see the post just above this one).

2/2/07 11:39 PM  

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