Thursday, February 15, 2007

Loaning out the Scarecrow

I just went to pass the Scarecrow to someone who had written in to borrow it. Funnily enough, this guy has the exact same name as the other person who just returned the Scarecrow.

After I had given him the Scarecrow, he told me that he works in pest control. I asked if they dealt with cats at all, and he said no. He hadn't realised that they were a problem at all. He said perhaps if he finds the Scarecrow works they might buy some too to loan to people who may have problems with cats.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dawn, i hope so - that pest control personnel do not catch cats. i am skeptical. from my experience, they very much do(many of them) catch the cats like they do to other animals considered to be pests such as frogs and rats. i have witnessed pest control guys literally chasing after cats to catch them. it was a very pathetic, sad and awful scene. -orange-

16/2/07 9:40 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Orange, I do know that there are a number of pest control companies that do not trap cats. On occasion, I've had pest control people call or email to ask what to do when they go to a job site and find kittens. One person I remember took the kittens home and adopted them.

16/2/07 9:53 AM  
Anonymous ej said...

Please leave the cats alone!
Strays can be noisy, dirty, a nuisance, but they don't deserve to get trapped and killed.
I hope this guy is helping to spread the good word of using the scarecrow to scare away the noisy cats.

16/2/07 9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's comforting to know, dawn.

16/2/07 10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does a scarecrow and catstop look like and how do they work. Dawn, I know you must have it printed earlier but i just couldn't seem to find. Do you think you can paste the link again.. just for some of us newbies here :) tx in advance!

18/2/07 9:07 AM  

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