Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A personal dispute?

The complainant from this morning wrote in again. It turns out he was so fed up with the cats that he tried to hire pest control himself, and that the TC then agreed to have the cats removed but they were unable to trap the cats. He said that he has asked for the cats not to be killed during SARS so he did not dislike cats per se. He kept saying they should be removed and moved into a shelter or a home.

He also kept saying that we should ensure people do not use our name when they are not members of the Society. I pointed out that we cannot stop people from saying what they want but of course if we knew whom she was, we would speak with her. He gave me the officer's details so I rang the officer up.

The officer denied ever saying that they were being scared by residents caring for the cats. He said that there were three residents in the area (whom I do not know) and that they looked after the cats fairly well except for the woman with whom the complainant had a run-in with. They had spoken with her in the past as well. It appears that the TC did not give the complainants' contact details to the feeder but that the feeder must have put two and two together and realised what happened.

According to the officer things came to a head when the feeder confronted the complainant's wife. The feeder apparently accused the complainant's wife of hating cats and said that she did not complain when they had dogs or burnt joss paper. However the complainant took umbrage at this because he does not own dogs and he is Christian. The officer felt it became more personal after this confrontation and that the complainant was also much more upset. I can understand the feeder being very upset if he tried to have her cats removed by pest control, but yelling at him certainly didn't help.

At any rate, the complainant had at first threatened to go to the MP, but I wrote back to him and said that we want to help solve the problem without killing the cats. In addition, I said there was no home to move the cats to - and that his demanding that they be removed meant they would be killed. He wrote back to say he just wanted the matter settled and to thank us for looking into it. I hope that settles in. I am waiting for the officer to get back to me on the complainant's details and then we'll followup.

The only good news is that it appears that there are more caregivers in this estate then we thought. I've asked to be put in touch with them as well.

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Anonymous ej said...

Hope that in the midst of this matter, the cats would not be removed and be killed.

13/2/07 6:22 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Me too.

13/2/07 6:30 PM  

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