Monday, February 26, 2007

ST (26-2-07)

Another response from someone who is also a frequent contributor to the Forum pages. Mr Lee tends to speak up for the animals from what I remember so it's always good to see his letters.

Here's another letter on AVA imposing a minimum standard of care on pet shops - though in this case I think it was specifically in relation to grooming. It is very sad to hear of Ms Lim's case. It is imperative to check the premises and conditions of any grooming, boarding, vet clinic or pet transport service before entrusting your pet to them. Another option may be to actually sit through the grooming with your pet - that way you know exactly what is happening and when.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This response is published online again :(

26/2/07 10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there have been several reports of pet deaths in groomers in the past few months, whether from inappropriate handling (as Ms Lim suspects) or failure to secure the premises for the safety of the animals.

i have never needed the services of a groomer, having only DSH cats as pets which i groom myself, but i wonder what kind of certification and experience a groomer needs before running a service by himself/herself. from what we read in the papers, certain very basic standards of care seem to have been breached.

26/2/07 11:05 AM  
Anonymous belle said...

i would have sat thru the grooming session with my dog (if i had one) ... these ppl juz leave their dogs at the groomers' and go off to have their char-kway-teow fix at a food centre, and then return to find their dog wasnt given proper care ... don't they know that many of these groomers arent properly trained, and theres staff shortage in the pet-grooming industry ? everyday in the classifieds, u see adverts for part-time/temp groomers to make up the shortfall ...

26/2/07 11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there will surely be an increase in tragic mishaps at the typical pet groomers now and in future if no new legal standard and guidelines are going to be implemented immediately. anybody can be an animal groomer these days. nothing better to do? bored? think that you have an interest or a hidden talent in small animals? just take a short 3 month course at some (kuching kurap) pet-groomers' and you'll be a "certified" groomer! This is how tragedies happen. Just go to a typical pet shop these days and observe the conversations between the boss and a customer. Wrong information, wrong advice and wrong anything is given to the customer - of course tragedies (for the poor animal, that is) happen. I often witness non-thinking pet owners asking a pet shop operator on matters such as medication and illnesses. Then the pet-shop operator will go on to sell all sorts of medical related products to the customer such as vitamins, medical pill, shampoo and food. How silly can this even be? If your pet is ill, bring it to see a vet, not ask a pet-shop operator!? It ain't any cheaper buying all sorts of products from the pet-shop if cost is the concern here, is it? I have also witness pet-shop owners selling dog-collars to cat owners and reccommending unappropriate cages just so to clear stock or for a better sales margin. And many of these pet shops do not provide properly for the animals on sale on-site. It is really very sad and horrid. So please, we must use more discretion and more common sense and be observant when we patronise pet-shops and pet-groomers. Do not patronise any lousy pet shop or pet groomer. The pet business is booming (which is not wrong) so there will be many who will compromise on quality (in all ways) hoping to achieve immediate and short-term gains. Do not let ourselves or our pets suffer unnecessarily, especially if the animal's welfare is important to us. -orange-

26/2/07 12:12 PM  
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