Monday, February 26, 2007

Talking to your neighbours

Finally about to head out. Been meaning to go out since this morning. I had a long conversation this morning with a woman. She had a dog dumped on her so she adopted it out to some neighbours of hers. After a day they returned the dog, and she said that she was quite disappointed with them.

Subsequently she let the dog out to run and the family came by and just took the dog for a walk. She got very angry with them and the father in turn came over and yelled at her and said they would hurt her cats. She said that he seemed drunk. The rest of the family came over to try and soothe things over and said that the father generally wasn't so bad.

I suggested she speak with the family but she was adamant she didn't want to. She wanted to go to the police. She said that she was very angry the father thought he could push her around and she didn't like the threat against the cats.

I asked if they had been mean to the dog - irresponsible certainly, but if they had been cruel or mean. She said they had not. I asked if she had any evidence they were abusive to animals. She did not. She also has cats in her flat and she was worried about them. I told her if she DID go over to the police and the man found out he might get MORE angry. In addition, she had nothing concrete to tie him to abuse - just some words he had uttered while intoxicated. She was thinking of calling the SPCA.

She was quite upset and then she said she went to lie down. She then called me a short while ago and said that she was quite upset when I spoke with her but after lying down she felt better. She said she thought about what I said. She opened the door and the dog dashed out of her flat immediately to her neighbours' place. The mother came out to pet it. She then decided she would speak with them after all. She called to thank me for listening to her and giving her advice. She said that she was less worried now they would call the HDB about the cats, she wasn't calling the police and was glad they were on okay terms now.

Sometimes when I think that I've wasted forty-five minutes talking to someone, I'm glad to be proven wrong.

Have to run now - to the accountant, to drop traps and to a mediation!

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