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TNP (18-2-07)

Here's a very nice story about how a whole neighbourhood came together to try and save the dog that lives in their estate. Blackie does indeed seem like a sweet dog - and apparently even shares food with the cats.

Here's what I don't understand. Why is it that because one person complained, they are going to have to do a survey in order to decide if he must go, when seventy-six people wrote in to say how much Blackie means to them? If it bothers other people so much that Blackie is in the neighbourhood, then the least they can do is bother to write in - why do they have to be surveyed in order to see if they want him or not?

Furthermore, what nuisance is the dog causing? Why does it have to be a case of majority wins if there really isn't a problem? It seems to be a friendly dog - and if there was an indication of how it is causing a nuisance, I am sure the residents would be happy to solve it. If the complainant is just unhappy the dog is just there though, I'm not sure why they are bending over backwards to satistfy this one complaint.

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Blogger vegancat said...

Exactly my sentiments! Why must Blackie be institutionalized because of ONE complaint? Why are man-made AVA rules not bend-able?

I hope the other dog managed to escape the net of the dog catchers.

Why is AVA so quick to kill the dogs without doing some investigation work?
Is CONTROL always over-riding WELFARE!!??

18/2/07 11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

because we no longer use our common sense in our daily living. there used to be a dog at our block for a good 5 years. no body complained until one lunar new year when the upstairs neighbour complained that her daughter was afraid of the dog. So ah chia, the neighbourhood mongrel was caught and killed. and guess what, the stupid family only gets to see the dog afar because living on the up upstairs, they take the lift! ah chia sometimes sleeps on the 2nd floor so even if there should be any complain, that would be me on the second floor! what the super fish. i wrote to some mr m at some super efficient ava but since it was chinese new year, mr m and staff did not reply. so now that it's lunar new year again, i hope ah chia returns to say hullo to that upstairs family and to that mr m and all at ava.

18/2/07 1:23 PM  
Blogger vegancat said...

This black dog reminded a friend of mine of a very friendly black local dog that was hanging around the compound of the Lions Nursing Home in Bedok where his mother was staying. She passed away many years ago. He looked forward to seeing this dog who would come when called, always happily wagging her tail. Then the Matron told him that she disapproved of "stray dog". A week later, the dog disappeared. I told him that the dog was probaby caught by AVA and killed there. Ironically pet therapy was introduced into some nursing homes after that but then most of the pet therapy dogs are "pedigree" dogs.
If only HDB will allow local dogs who, really, are more hardy and suited to our climate, to be adopted rather than the current list of "approved" pedigree dogs, more of our local dogs can then be saved.
Local dogs when trained, can be excellent pet therapists as well.

18/2/07 2:13 PM  
Blogger Profpig ^@^ said...

Happy CNY.

Sorry about Ah Chia and the other black dog. Some people just think of their own welfare. You only need 1 to upset the situation.

Blackie should stay! If it is not causing hurt and is everyone's pet, it is as good as public property!

18/2/07 3:08 PM  
Anonymous ej said...

Wish something wise was done to save Ah Chia and the black dog.
Hope with Blackie's story, the public and authority would spare more stray cats and dogs.
Too many unnecessary killings going on.
Blackie leds Mdm Hasmisah Mohd to an injuired kitten inside the drain!

18/2/07 4:04 PM  
Blogger Hai~Ren said...

I think it's sad that people are 'afraid' of animals these days. Are we really so disconnected from nature, even though we still undeniably remain a part of it? Humans don't live in a vacuum.

I think I've written a comment in the past about how people in other countries have to deal with real wild animals coming into suburban and urban areas, and they DO bring lots of diseases like rabies and hantavirus and Lyme Disease, yet we don't see people campaigning to poison all the foxes and raccoons and shoot the deer and clear all the woods. Whatever happened to a live and let live attitude?

While I understand the need for rabies control and safety, especially since animals can be unpredictable, though usually it's because many people are too stupid to read the signs when animals want to be left alone, or are doing harmless things. I do find it sad that we cannot have our 'resident' strays, even if they're doing no harm at all.

We're a city with riches, but with no soul.

18/2/07 6:03 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes - and even with the countries with rabies, they found sterilising the animals worked BETTER. there were fewer animals around and they could be given anti-rabies shots at the same time.

18/2/07 6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can just hope that the MP will find the courage to go against "norm" and do what is right instead of being kaisu, thinking, "What IF the dog does this, does that, will I as MP be held responsible?"
A lot of eyes are watching to see how the "story is going to unfold" in Yishun.
It isn't fair to "jail" the Blackie in any shelter, no matter how "good" it is, it is still a shelter, away from the people who love her.
What crime has Blackie done except to be born a dog?

18/2/07 7:14 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Well said.

18/2/07 8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once read a true story about an australian abalone farmer who was killed in a freak accident. He was diving for abalone one day and he literally jumped into the water smack onto the head of a great white shark. The shark took a bite in self defense and he was bitten in two. After the funeral, the family and small community made an touching decision. They declined offers to hunt the man eater down for killing the farmer. Their reasoning was, "the sharks have been there longer than us, we are the intruders not them and this is the price we pay for being in their home"

19/2/07 2:17 AM  
Blogger vegancat said...

Read SOS: Help Save Xiao Hei the Dog

19/2/07 1:55 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks Vegancat!

19/2/07 4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AVA impounds dogs found in public places. Does this mean that TNRM won't work for dogs because they'll be taken away regardless?

20/2/07 1:38 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes it's actually tougher for dogs in that respect. I think however it's very often a case of as long as no one complains, they aren't removed.

20/2/07 4:04 PM  

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