Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Traps and Brochures

I went to see a lovely lady from Moove Media, the people who do the advertising for taxis and buses and who sponsored the taxi signs and let us put brochures in the taxis. The brochures apparently have all been taken! I hope this means that the people who took it wanted to read it or thought the information was useful - after all, I am hoping the chances of you wanting to take it with you after a taxi ride means that you found it of interest.

I also dropped off two cat traps to someone who is bringing them back to Thailand. The wife of the man in question had bought one from us at the Asia for Animals conference two years ago and wanted to buy more. So our cat traps are travelling!

Finally, made a last stop by Michelle's. Michelle's family is going to be helping us to send us the renewals, newsletters and AGM notices. Thank you!

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