Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Turning down the request?

The officer whom I met on Friday wrote again today. He had said there was a complaint in the block, and as I mentioned Yskat and I walked the block immediately afterward. I had sent him an email explaining what we had found on Friday and he wrote back on Monday to say that there had been more complaints over the weekend.

I wrote back to say that we had already spoken to the people we suspected were feeding the cats and asked if he could perhaps have a word with them. There was no response from him.

Thereafter I got an email from him this morning saying there was another case in the area. He said that he had already informed the HDB because the owner was letting the cat run in and out of the flat, defecating outside someone else's unit.

I replied and pointed out that it would be better in the future to let us know first before contacting the HDB because there is little we can do at this point. We certainly can't advise the owner to keep the cat in if the HDB is about to drop in and visit!

He wrote back to say that I had turned down the request to visit the block and so he was not sure I would help with this other mediation! I just replied to say that I had asked him to go down because obviously our speaking with the residents (and leaving flyers) was not working since we had been by just on Friday. I was hoping that he might have more effect as a TC officer. I pointed out he had not replied to my email so I did not know what he intended to do.

He just replied to say that he had gone by and couldn't find any cats on Monday - but he had not asked me for the specific units where the cats were or for more information. He had told us that he could not find any feeders or cats.

He asked if I had found the irresponsible feeder who was feeding every morning at 8 am as the complainant was still seeing him. I pointed out that the NEA officer had said during the meeting that if they could give the license plate number to them they would be able to trace the person right away and I was under the impression that was what he had done. I had no idea he was expecting me to do anything about this as the NEA officer had asked all the parties involved to let them know when and where irresponsible feeders turned up so that the NEA could have a word with them.

Update : The officer said he would speak with the units involved. He also had the address for the driver. I said I could go speak with the driver if that was needed and NEA wasn't doing it already. He said he would let me know.

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