Thursday, February 22, 2007

Updated on case

Remember this case? The feeder called me again today to say the complainant is still very upset. Another resident heard him complaining about the cats. I asked if she had gone to see the MP as she had said she might last week. She said she was worried to do so in case the problem got worse. I told her that perhaps the MP might be able to mediate. She said that her friend had been advising her to go.

I also told her that she HAD to be more responsible and not let the cats walk up and down. She said she caged some of them at night and that they were allowed to walk up and down. I asked why she didn't keep them indoors and she said they were cats from downstairs.

I told her in that case, she should leave the cats downstairs and to stop luring them up. She said she would try.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

can they not speak directly to each other? going thru a third party, especially an MP, may blow thgs out of proportion. i say especially an MP cos the complainant may think this lady is trying to get him into trouble with the authorities.

as for the cats, i hope everyone realises thgs may take some time to change. as in the cats will take some time to break their habit of running up for food, assuming the lady does really keep to her end of the bargain and stop feeding upstairs.

22/2/07 2:40 PM  

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