Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We have armed guards to keep the cats out

I am corresponding with the manager of a particular office area. One of the feeders told me that she thought that the cats were going to be caught and removed. I explained that the best thing to do would be to start a TNRM programme and she agreed.

I was asked to contact the manager but he insists the cats have no right to stay there and he wants to move them away and dump them at a place of worship. He says (and I found this rather funny) that they have armed guards and a high-tech fence so he doubts cats will be able to move in. I explained that the cats can find little holes in the fence and are able to squeeze in undetected - in addition, what are the guards going to do? Shoot the cats when they move in?

I asked him in addition how the CURRENT cats got onto the premises. The man said he thinks that they got on because 'cat lovers' brought them there. I have just written back to ask why they would do such a thing considering that the place obviously isn't very cat friendly and they could look after the cats just about anywhere else in Singapore.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another retired army officer taking up the post of manager?
This is surely the joke of the day :)

7/2/07 10:41 AM  

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