Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where did the cat go?

A caregiver called me this morning and mentioned that there was a woman who called her to say her cat had gone missing. This woman apparently lived on the third floor of a block and had an unsterilised cat that apparently would walk to the second floor and eat every day.

Another feeder lives on the second floor and leaves food out for the woman's cat. The woman on the second floor noticed that the cat looked very sick on Sunday and called the SPCA to ask them to pick up the cat.

The woman on the third floor apparently asked the woman on the second floor what happened to the cat. The woman on the second floor said she had sent the cat to the vet. The woman on the third floor speaks no English while the woman on the second speaks barely any Mandarin so there may have been a huge miscommunication here.

The woman on the third floor called the caregiver and asked what happened to the cat when it did not return from the 'vet'. The caregiver made some enquires, found out it was sent to the SPCA and called me to ask if I could try and find out what happened.

I found out that the cat was put down because it had bad FIP and called the caregiver. She broke the news to the woman on the third floor. The woman however refuses to believe it and says there was nothing wrong with the cat. I asked the caregiver to please tell the woman to watch her other cats for signs of FIP but the caregiver says that the woman on the third floor cannot accept that her cat was ill.

The woman on the second floor apparently told the caregiver the cat had no appetite for the past two weeks.

The caregiver said it was difficult to get through to the woman on the third floor. She refused to let the caregiver in but they guess she has a lot of cats in her flat (and a dog). She used to pick up and bring home kittens and in addition, she refused to sterilise for a long time. The caregiver has been helping her. I told her to let me know if she wants us to give it a shot.

The caregiver thinks though that she's going to be very suspicious of everyone from here on out and that people are stealing her cats. The caregiver is worried that she may not be able to sterilise the rest of the cats.



Blogger Elaine said...

Saw your reply on my previous comment... Was looking forward to meeting you again and have a proper chat. :) Perhaps another time! Take care!

P.S. I think the last email I tried to send you COMPLETELY FAILED. Sigh. Will try again right now. Nearly forgot abt it. :\

1/3/07 12:28 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Sorry to miss you too Elaine!

1/3/07 1:04 AM  

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