Thursday, March 15, 2007

Attack cat!

Just got back from a trip supposedly to the post office. I went by to meet Michelle, and just when I got there, the phone rang because the TC officer called about a cat that 'attacked' someone this morning. I managed to locate the nearest caregiver and she said she wasn't sure exactly where it is, but she would go down if I could give directions.

I was going to go down and went to my car, but then the resident said she was almost there. I gave her directions and basically served as a liasion between her and the TC officer (sitting in the carpark for half an hour). She also went down and spoke with some of the residents (which I could hear in the background).

It turns out that she found the cat sitting where it was supposed to be - the cat went up and rubbed against her. At one point, it gave her a playful nip because she was petting it. It ran upstairs and she spoke to a resident who I could clearly hear over the phone saying that it was a friendly cat. He also told her that there was another resident upstairs feeding this cat.

She spoke with a second resident as well who said that the cat was friendly. According to the caregiver who went down, the residents said that they knew whom complained - they said it was the neighbour of the woman who feeds the cats downstairs. They also said that this man had a bone to pick with her. The officer confirmed he had complained quite a few times in the past.

The area did have a number of unsterilised cats though. This caregiver said that she will go down and try and find the feeder and get her to help out with TNRM as well. The resident also said she sat and played with the cat for more than an hour and it was nothing but friendly.

Went by to pick up a Scarecrow from someone after who wanted to return it.

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Blogger VeganCatsg said...

Might be useful to video the cat and if possible testimonies from the residents to use as evidence against false complaints.
Imagine if there were no caregivers in such situations, the "dumb" cats would have been rounded up and killed!

15/3/07 8:22 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes I asked her to please get the residents' unit numbers down. Apparently also the residents knew which floor the complainant lived on which she said convinced the TC officer that they knew something about the situation.

15/3/07 8:50 PM  

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