Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Car Problem resolved?

The caregiver met this guy a few days ago but fell sick right after and just wrote to update on the situation. She said that the complainant was very angry and that at one point, she had to physically restrain her friend who she feared might get into a fist fight with him.

The funny thing though is that it seems that the complaint may be resolved! She said that she gritted her teeth though she was really angry and tried to be nice to him. She said that he seemed to be pleased to have the attention. She said he calmed down from being very angry at the outset and in the end, they shook hands and he even smiled.

She will meet him again this weekend and pass him some car repellent. He in turn, will park at the other end of the carpark, where the cats do not congregate. He will also call her if there are any more scratches on his car.

I told her she did an excellent job.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

TYPICAL arsehxle. sissy FAXT. (sorry to hear that you girls have to waste energy on such low-grade beings. bravo!)

21/3/07 6:01 PM  

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