Monday, March 19, 2007

Caregivers meetup

Caregivers meetup
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Rebecca and I met with several caregivers from one of the TCs on Saturday. There has been some concern as several of the caregivers had heard that there may be a chance in policy in the TC and that sterilised cats may no longer be safe even if there are caregivers.

Several of the caregivers had already written in to their TC to ask about whether this is the case. It was interesting - two of the most outspoken people were both older people in the group. One spoke only English, the other only Mandarin but they both felt very strongly about the matter. The woman who spoke Mandarin told everyone that while she felt strongly about it, she felt that no one would listen to her because she didn't speak English, but we all assured her this was not the case. She shared how she had been sterilising the cats, keeping the area clean and even picking up after other people.

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