Friday, March 09, 2007

Cats in cage

Cats in cage
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Rebecca and I just came back from this house. Vegancat alerted us to the situation as he was in the area. As you can see, the cats are all squished in this cage - the owner isn't 'cruel' to them, but he doesn't seem to think it's a problem they're all stuffed in the cage. He is open to sterilising them but doesn't want to give them up.

We spoke with him and it seems he will consider giving some up for adoption. There was no sandtray or litter pan - we asked him where the cats defecated, and he said he took them downstairs every night to do it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dawn, what is this? THIS IS CRUELTY! This has to be a case! what's happening? what is wrong with the guy? will someone please help these cats!! Help!

10/3/07 12:50 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous - I honestly don't think the man means to be cruel (though obviously it IS very cruel to the cats). Another caregiver (whom he trusts) spoke with him. She'll be arranging for sterilisation and then chances are the cats will probably need to be relocated.

10/3/07 12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

huh, you mean this exasperating man can still choose and be concern about whom and which caregiver he trusts or distrusts? oh please. (you are truly patient. i would have pull his hair!) who's paying for sterilization? make him do. and MOST importantly, release the cats! Haiyah, just release the cats after sterilising them. leave the cage door open (open permanently, that is) and if the cat(s) want to go inside for a rest/shelter they can. just don't cage them up!

10/3/07 1:50 AM  
Anonymous belle said...

the s'pore govt is at fault for not providing the 35-55 yr-old generation with a good education that instills good common sense in them ... i don't blame the man; i blame the society and its lack of educational & other resources ... thank goodness this case was brought to CWS' attention ... !

10/3/07 1:18 PM  
Anonymous isabel said...

actually i blame the govt too. it's totally at fault for giving enough attention to animal care & community cat care. i can never forget the time 1 or 2 years ago where tampines grc actually put up "no-feeding cats" posters all over. this is nonsence.

12/3/07 6:32 AM  

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