Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Complaints to TC

I had a call from a feeder whom was upset because there was an altercation with one of her officers about where she should feed her cats. Unfortunately one thing led to another and she said the officer then made a threatening gesture at her. From past experience, this woman has a rather short fuse as well (as different feeders and officers have told me and which I have noticed).

She called the TC and the General Manager was not in. Now this is a serious matter and I told her to make a police report if she at fears that she may be in any sort of danger. I told her to remember to bring her handphone with her when she feeds. She sounded surprised that she ought to make a report - but that's really the very first thing you should do if you feel at all in danger or might be put in danger.

She wanted to round up some other feeders and march down to see the GM who is out. First of all the GM isn't in. His personal assistant has taken a message and said that she will get him to call the feeder back. Marching down to see him when he is not in (and bringing people who did not witness anything) to sit in his office, and asking me to email on her behalf an hour after she left her first message are not very productive and in fact may serve to annoy.

I advised her to wait for the GM to call her and to make a police report in the meantime. It's true that some complainants may bombard the TC with calls - but we don't need to do the same. Staying polite, calm and reasonable can make the point just as well.



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