Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Difficult woman

Remember this case? We spoke with the school, wrote to the Principal and the teacher in charge and explained what had happened. They were equally concerned and they agreed that this would be a one-time event and that the students could not help with paying or after-care after this.

The first feeder wrote in to the school to thank the students (which was good) with the support of the teacher. When I spoke to the teacher though, I don't believe he was aware that they were being expected to pay AND do all the work. She also commended them for their arranging matters with CWS.

I wrote back to her to clarify to the school that we were not involved in this project.

She just wrote an angry email back to claim this was a Society 'effort' and that she wanted to email or talk to the President, and she was sure I didn't have a problem with it, if I wanted honest feedback on the matter. She said this seemed very irresponsible of the Society to pick up a project and then drop it when it went 'afoul'. She also tried to implicate another caregiver in the estate and claimed that he was the one who put her up to it.

The caregiver immediately wrote back to say that he had no idea what she was talking about. He said that he had bumped into her one day and chatted briefly about the situation but that was months ago. He had not in any way, as she put it, insisted that the woman there sterilise the cats.

I also wrote back that I had no issue with her at all emailing Michelle, and copied Michelle on the email. I also informed her that I had informed our entire committee about this when it happened and that they were as concerned as I was that the students were being misused.

I also told her that in case I wasn't already entirely clear about this - I was very alarmed that students were being made use of to pay for sterilisations AND do all the work, and that the feeder supposedly in charge was not even contactable.

I said that (and I attached the emails) she was the one who wrote and asked me to put her in touch with the students. I had asked what help she needed exactly and she had said trapping, boarding and transport. I had told her the students might be able to help with trapping as I knew some of them were helping in another area, but they would not be able to help with boarding and transport. At no time was the fact that they were expected to pay even mentioned.

I wrote that if I had known this was her intention, I would never have put her in touch with them, and that if she wanted to kick up a fuss, then I took issue with the fact she had misled us.

I suggested if she felt so strongly about sterilising the area the next time, SHE should pay for it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A responsible caregiver should pay for their own sterilization bill. It is only right to feed and sterilize.

If the caregiver has any financial difficulties or require help in any other way, she should ask politely. And not just let others do it any keep quite.

Unfortunately, I have met a few of these people too. Me and a few friends provide money, time and effort to trap, board and pay for sterilization. The feeder agreed to chip in a little after she get her pay cheque, but we never hear from her again.

This feeder won't even pick up the phone or make an effort to come down earlier to help with the trapping. The 4 of us who are helping have to stand at the void deck till she appear.

For the sake of the cats, we just dropped the matter.

14/3/07 11:26 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about it Anonymous. That does unfortunately seem to happen.

14/3/07 11:49 AM  

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