Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feeder replies

The feeder texted me back this morning. Apparently he said that there are quite a number of cats in his flat which is one problem as he has been taking in pregnant cats and other injured cats or cats taken from AVA in. He has also been taking over colonies from other people. He mentions that he and another feeder pay another woman a nominal sum every month to feed the cats but that she does a bad job and that the food is covered with ants before they can eat it. He says he suspects this is why the cats are dying. As a result, he is feeding the same cats too. I asked him why they continue to pay someone else when she is doing a bad a job. He then replied that her feeding is okay but that feeding the cats once a day is not sufficient and that they are fussy and don't want to eat her food.

I told him that in general, if cats are hungry they will eat. It sounds to me like they may be being overfed and that some of the money could be better saved.

Heading out now to pick up AGM reports for tonight.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dawn, you are right. The cats may be overfed. That's why the food is covered with ants before they could eat it. I feed strays too & don't have this problem. Before the ants come, they would have already finished the food.

Feeding once a day is not enough? We are talking about strays, not some home pets. Getting food once a day is considered a luxury to these cats as compared to those without any regular feeders. No wonder this man is so busy.

28/3/07 2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was under the impression that this guy fed all 100 cats HIMSELF. now it's all falling into perspective. i don't understand why ppl have to over inflate their involvement with community cats. i once knew someone who claimed they had "over 40 cats" under their wing to be rehomed. this person is not an active foster or caregiver. he is also not sponsoring cats for adoption. i can only imagine the 40 cats this person is referring to includes all the community cats in this his block and the surrounds (which is a stable, well managed area so the cats there don't really need to be rehomed), as well as the strays at his uncle's block which are not really in need of rehoming either! i know because i am familiar with the areas this person is referring to.

i think ppl shld get over themselves and focus on what really needs to be done. i say this because i do believe that the fact that these ppl BELIEVE that they have so much on their plate does actually cause them stress!

this guy in question, if he manages the situation properly, may find he has some 10-20 cats under his wing, a real reduction from the perceived 100.

28/3/07 3:39 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

He texted me today while I was out. I am sure he has the best intentions but as you said, I think he is over-stretching. I also told him that I really think they should stop paying someone who isn't really doing a good job - if she's leaving the food till ants come, then she's clearly not picking up and they could save the few hundred that they are paying to hire her.

I also told him that if the cats are being fed by two different people and they are dying of malnutrition as he says, then something is just not right. He should look into the health of the cats.

28/3/07 5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol, sorry, dawn, it was just funny, they were feeding the cat twice a day, food are rotting and attracting ants, and yet the cats are dying of malnutrition.

I applaud you for your patience in dealing with these weird happenings. I'd get upset the moment the guy said the feeder he pays is doing a bad job, and then within the next sentence, say she's not too bad.

28/3/07 8:31 PM  

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