Friday, March 23, 2007

Letting cats out

Someone wrote in again about her neighbour who was still letting the cats out. However she said she had put up with it for several months and was tired of it so she wrote to everyone - town council, HDB and ourselves saying she wanted the cats to be removed. She said the situation had improved for a while before deteriorating.

I wrote back to say that we had spoken with the neighbour before and asked her to keep the cats in. However because she had complained to the TC and HDB again, there was very little we can do to help out. She wrote back to say it's ironic that we cannot help the welfare of the cats now. I told her that for example, the simplest thing to do - would be to tell her again to keep the cats in. However I can't advise her to do that now if the HDB is going to come knocking on her door and find the cats inside!

Then her neighbour wrote in to say that the TC said we did not want to be involved and that the complaint was about her community cats walking upstairs. I explained that I had told the complainant that it wasn't that we didn't want to be involved - but that because of her actions, our hands were pretty much tied now. The TC was copied on this email too. In addition, the complaint was clearly about her home cats not the community cats.

She said the officer had asked if she had home cats and when she said no, he told her that there was a complaint about her community cats then.

I asked her why she was still letting the cats out. She said she only lets them out in the morning, and sometimes when they run out and she can't stop them. She said one of her cats runs onto the ledge and she can't get it back. I told her she simply HAS to make sure they don't go out then - perhaps by screening the door up, or putting the cat in a room when she has to go out.

Now she says she thinks they may come and trap her community cats because of the complaints - and they aren't the ones loitering in the corridor or the ones even complained about.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

some people are stubborn, no matter what you tell them, they will not listen. What is so difficult about meshing the place? She likes chasing cats and not aware she is the cause of all the problems.

23/3/07 2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if she is aware that her actions are going to harm community cats that are innocent, can't she do smthg abt it? why must she let her cats out in the morning?

her door and window grills can be meshed with mesh that can be bought at pet shops and hardware stores.

23/3/07 2:43 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I already advised her about this - now that she realises what harm it is, I really, REALLY hope she'll listen this time.

23/3/07 6:20 PM  
Anonymous sandy said...

one of the malay families at my area keeps letting her cats out & one cat is extremely fierce & unpleasant, it has the so-called kiampa-face & it likes to go around hunting for one of the smaller community cats which's my fav, & one day it bit my cat on the side of its butt til there was a large wound. which was bloody & had pus. when the cat is sleeping, ants come to eat at the wound! had to bring it to the vet. it was brought to another old man caregiver's home to recover & now its much better, fur has already grown over the wound. hope it will forget its traumatic experience! :)

24/3/07 4:34 PM  

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