Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Meeting with the MP

The caregivers in this area went to see one of their MPs last night. From what one of the caregivers told me, it seems that the MP was very helpful and that he was very impressed by their 'passion and compassion'.

The RC officer was friendly right from the outset and told them that they did not need to wait for everyone else to have gone in first (which can happen with large groups). They were all invited into a meeting room and the MP came in shortly after to see them.

The MP also made sure to translate so that people who did not speak English could follow the proceedings, which was very good to hear! Most importantly according to the caregivers, he promised that the TC would not trap any sterilised cats!

He also spoke to them about perhaps organising parties to educate residents on cats. He had encountered people on his walkabouts who complained about cat defecation outside and in fact apparently advised one of the residents to keep their free-roaming cats in.

I believe the caregivers came out feeling much relieved. This morning, one of the caregivers already wrote into the MP to thank him.

It seems that the RC may need some of our brochures as well to pass to other RCs and the like which we'd only be too happy to pass to them.



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