Friday, March 30, 2007

Too difficult to send an email

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Yesterday evening when I came out of this meeting, I received a phone call from one of the TC officers. It was a repeat complaint in one of the blocks about someone feeding the cat upstairs. I remember a caregiver had gone down, but I couldn't remember the details, nor did I have the caregiver's number on me. I also had my hands full.

The officer told me that the complainant was demanding the cat be removed right away. He said if we didn't do something, he would send pest control down.

I asked him if he could send me the information via email or SMS as I was out and had no access to the information and so I would not need to fumble for a pen. I told him that I would certainly call but I would like to find out what had already been done before calling the complainant.

The officer said he was already leaving for the day (though he was calling me from the office phone) and that he did not want to send me an email or an SMS. He repeated he would otherwise just send the pest control down.

I pointed out that it would take just as long to call the pest control as it would be to send me an email, but he said that it was quicker to just call pest control. Sigh.

I called Rebecca but she was unable to get hold of the caregiver. I scribbled the number down, called the complainant and found out he was quite amenable to giving us some time to look into the situation.

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Anonymous autumnpiglet said...

It seems like this TC officer is just interested in going home and not really interested in solving the problem.

The complainant is made out to be an unreasonable person, but as it turns out ... he is not so.

*sigh* .. Unfortunately for us, there are many civil service who's attitude is that when it's time to knock-off, don't bother them.

30/3/07 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another example of an "inefficent" TC officer, trigger-happy to kill the cats instead of using some initiative. If Dawn can get the complainant to give time to resolve the complaint, why couldn't the TC officer? Did he spend time speaking to the complainant? This is most unsatisfactory and a complaint should be made against this offcer for ever readiness to waste public fund. His appraisal should be affected so that he will feel the pinch of having his bonus cut!

30/3/07 11:25 AM  
Anonymous ej said...

Hey hey slow down, TC officer!
No need to act too fast, there is always a tomorrow.

30/3/07 12:39 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

As I read more and more postings in this blogg, I am beginning to feel that you pple complains more than the TC officer. Do you think his attitude and action will bring more harms towards the cats and CWS if he is reprimanded for "mishandling" problem? Also, why condemn all Civil Servants so freely afterall. Maybe is better not to even mention here altogether.

1/4/07 12:10 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Anthony, I think that praise should be handed out where it's due - but if something is wrong, we ought to speak out too. It doesn't mean ALL TC officers are bad obviously, but officers should not be unreasonable whether its a cat complaint or otherwise.

If for example this had been any other complaint (not related to cats) would the officer have demanded it be solved right away? Furthermore whom would he even refer it to? There are no volunteers to help with their other complaints.

1/4/07 12:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Of course but why lump all civil servant pple with "bad apples" attitude. I think the bloggers got to change their attitudes towards Civil servants and that's why I am speaking out.

Anthony(Sorry, problem signing in)

1/4/07 6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Of course but why lump all civil servant pple with "bad apples" attitude. I think the bloggers got to change their attitudes towards Civil servants and that's why I am speaking out. Anthony

Sorry problem signing in.

1/4/07 6:59 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Anthony, I think that if you read the comments for this post anyway, people weren't lumping all civil servants together - it was about this particular man. I believe some of the caregivers are civil servants themselves!

1/4/07 7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony,
Perhaps you might want to experience for yourself by volunteering with your TC. Of course there are good TC officers (who incidentally are NOT civil servants) and there are bad officers. I think the bad still outweighs the good because there is no proctocol in the management of cats and there is no obligation for TC to work with or accept guidelines from CWS. Employees are "lazy" generally and delegating cat complaints to pest controllers has been the default option in TCs where there are no volunteers. TC officers have often treat caregivers with disdain as they "interfere" with an easy closure to cat issues.

1/4/07 9:26 PM  

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