Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm going through this week's lot of reimbursements. One claim came in from a woman who had claimed before for rescue cases. She said she realised she should not have taken on so much responsibility for community cats due to her financial situation - she enclosed her ATM printout, and it had less than $20 in it. She also sent us the letter from the power supply company threatening to cut off her power.

Someone else who was also claiming filled out the claim form. Under the column "Number of Pet cats allowed to roam", she put 'All'. Sigh. Why won't people keep their pets in?



Blogger Mervin said...

Indoor vs Outdoor, coincidentally a topic which I just blogged about.

If only we'd just stop projecting our purrsonal beliefs unto others.

23/3/07 3:01 AM  

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