Monday, March 26, 2007

Who is responsible?

This complainant wrote in again to say that she was displeased that we did not want to do anything about this case. I wrote back to clarify with her - it was not that we did not want to do anything but that she had now made it hard for us to do anything. She said that we had asked her to inform us in the future if she had a problem - and I said that we had, and as a first step, not after she has written to every authority in her area.

I pointed out that I cannot now tell the neighbour for example, to keep the cat in, because if the HDB comes she'll definitely get into trouble. There may have been a need to at some point speak with the authorities, but I told her it would be better if she had come to us first.

I also pointed out that the neighbour was the one who was irresponsible and we should tackle that problem. The complainant said however that the cat was one that earned dislike because it roamed out on its own legs.

I wrote back to say that I am sure that if a toddler had come and messed up the area outside her flat, that she would not be angry with the child (or at least not just the child). I am sure she would look to the parents - similarly with the cat. The cat (or the child) only goes out because the owner or the parents allow them to - they certainly don't know any better.



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