Monday, April 30, 2007

Acting before there is a complaint

It is a good idea to act if you think there is a problem in your area before a complaint comes in. For example, there is a potential problem in your area, do try and deal with it before someone lodges a complaint with a town council.

I texted a feeder this morning as there was a complaint about a cat running into his unit. There were no further details so I emailed the complainant to ask for more information. In the meantime however, I decided to alert the feeder first.

The feeder wrote back to say that he knew that there was a cat that ran upstairs all the time but he wanted to be sure it was not their cat. I asked why this cat was running upstairs. He said that there was probably someone feeding upstairs.

I advised him to try and handle problems before they cropped up.

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Anonymous Furry said...

What is wrong with we people. Why must we wait to see whose cats are being complaint of. Aren't we to help whatever animals we can??? Do it make us feel better if the cats that are put down are not our cats??????? Even if the cats do create nuisance, they are usually due to the ignorance or stupidity of their owners/caregivers and these kitties should not be penalised for that.

30/4/07 2:09 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

s'poreans are so grumpy & rude these days - finding fault with cats, with immigrants, with fellow-ciizens ...

... and working far too hard & getting all stressed out ...

caregivers & volunteers, don't take it personally - juz do your best to help the cats ...

30/4/07 8:00 PM  

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