Monday, April 16, 2007

Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago

Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago
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I spent the day in Chicago on Friday attending an Alley Cat Allies conference and meeting with some people working with cats from all over the USA. It was a lovely opportunity to meet and talk to people -and it also reminds me that despite all the differences in culture, geography, etc that many of the same challenges face us all.

I have to add that the people I spoke with loved the term community cats! :) I first heard it at the Asia for Animals Conference myself when the Asian countries spoke of community animals.



Blogger eslina said...

I was informed by a friend that many animal welfare people in the US prefers the term "companions/wards" as opposed to "pets" and "guardians" as opposed to "owners" with regards to people who have animal companions at home.

There's still a lot of debate on this but I think it is a good conceptual move toward recognizing the importance and needs of animals.

16/4/07 11:19 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes you're right eslina. There was some discussion on that. However, I liked how everyone liked community cats - and that's thanks to the other Asean countries. Feral, stray, homeless - none of them really describe our community cats!

16/4/07 11:35 PM  

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