Monday, April 09, 2007

Feeding and Hunting

Someone wrote in today to say that they had met someone who again said that they were with CWS. This person apparently drives into his estate at night to feed the cats there. He says that the cats are making a lot of noise at night and that the woman, when he spoke to her was very rude and said she was just showing compassion.

He did say he thought she was spoiling their natural instincts by feeding them and that they should be hunting for their own food and this was damaging their genes. I wrote back to explain that cats hunt because of instinct, and not because of food, and that whether they were fed or not, they would continue to hunt.

I did add however that the cats ought to be sterilised and that if she was a responsible caregiver that she should be doing that.

After a lot of rescheduling (the person with the cats was sick, his mother was not well, etc), Rebecca picked up all the rest of these cats last night. She also released the first batch of cats who are now well enough. We hope that they'll be okay.

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Anonymous ej said...

Freedom for the cats!
Ya, hope the first batch kitties will do well in their new community.
Thanks to all for the efforts!

9/4/07 1:09 PM  

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