Friday, April 27, 2007

I have to let my cats out

I just spoke with a woman who said she was getting visits and letters from the TC and HDB. She had several complaints (since last year) about her cats as she let them out to sit in the nineth floor corridor. However it seems that she ignored these warnings because she said the cats looked 'sad' sitting indoors. Now she is thinking of sending them to a cattery to live in.

I asked her why she kept letting the cats out despite knowing that the neighbours had a problem with them going out. She insisted that her cats are very good, they are cute and harmless. She said they never give any problems. Then she said that the main thing is that her neighbours on both sides don't like her and that they are using the cats as an excuse though she has never spoken with any of her neighbours.

I said that in that case why give the neighbours extra ammunition? I said that if she kept them indoors, then at least she eliminates this aspect of it at least.

She kept insisting that it's important to let them out to enjoy 'nature' and see the sun and the birds. I asked her what nature she expects them to see on the nineth floor since she insists they never go down besides the floor below.

In addition, a few of her cats had disappeared - but of course the current lot she has won't do so because they're 'responsible'. I told her that it's safer for the cats to be kept indoors. She said that they might meow to be let out. I told her that a baby might cry to be allowed to run into traffic - but a responsible parent would not let the baby do so. She said that was different, as that was dangerous behaviour. I told her letting a cat out was just as dangerous in some respects.

Then she complained about how people pose the most danger to cats. I told her that may well be the case - but in that case, isn't it better to keep the cats in?

In the end I told her it's her decision. I told her if it's so important for her to let the cats out and run the risk, that's entirely up to her. I told her though that I think her cats which she says are timid, would be happier indoors rather than in a cattery with a lot of other cats they don't know.

She also told me that she had picked up kittens and brought them to the SPCA because she felt bad they were crying downstairs. She knew that the SPCA has no choice but to put most cats down, but she felt as they were kittens they would be fine. She said that she could not take the sound of their crying. I suggested just feeding the kittens downstairs next time.

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Blogger calsifer said...

Another head-in-the-sand "human".

What's so difficult to "get" about the safety of her cats versus her stubborness to believe they're fine and responsible? There's even cases of cats being thrown down from high-rise for goodness sake!

If she saw for herself how miserable home cats are to be in a shelter with so many other cats they don't know, especially with the traffic and missing home, she would not say that easily. But then even if she did put her cats in a shelter, she would not stay long enough to feel their stress because she couldn't take the depressing sight of all those sad and crying cats, including her own.

If she can see just one kitten being put down, at the SPCA or AVA, she would not assume kittens are fine jsut because they're kittens. But then again, she would not be able to stay on and witness the death of the hapless kitten because she cannot take how sad the whole atmosphere would be.

27/4/07 5:17 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Sigh Calsifer - I couldn't have put it better.

27/4/07 5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this kind of incorrigible persons do not deserve to own cats.... had previously faced the same situation too. not sure if we did the right thing which was meant to 'punish' the sandy head. we took matters into our own hands and voluntarily sterilized and rehomed the unsupervised cat without notifying its supposed owner. when the owner came to ask us of her cat's whereabout, we told her there was a recent dog attack at the neighbourhood and witness saw a cat being ripped apart,not sure if that was her cat. since then, she had not release her cats.

27/4/07 9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Scare' tactics works then. No wonder Tc's r always using them.

29/4/07 5:15 PM  

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