Friday, April 27, 2007

Letting TCs know there are caregivers in the estate

I had an email from an officer asking us to let him know how many cats in the estate are taken care of by CWS. He said that we are to remove all the cats on a certain date at a certain time because cats found in the area will be removed. I wrote back to check if he meant sterilised cats too would be taken but have not gotten a reply.

I have noticed that there is a tendency among some TC officers to assume the cats 'belong' to CWS or are somehow part of our portfolio. I am beginning to think this leads to a situation whereby when there is a problem, they feel that these cats should be referred to us to be removed as it's part of our job to do so. It's almost as if we are another authority that they can refer situations to - ie litter to NEA, housing issues to HDB, etc.

What doesn't come across then is the fact that these cats are part of the community and the environment and are being managed by the TC's own residents. This is made worse when the caregivers either have not contacted the TC or do not wish to do so. A feeder contacted me today and said that some other feeders had called her and wanted her to call the TC because some of their cats were missing. She then asked me if I could call. I asked why they were not contacting the TC and she said they did not know how to do so.

I told her I would be happy to speak with them and give them information on how to contact the TC but that they need to speak with their TC directly. If not, there's a sense that the cats don't really 'belong' to the community and aren't really looked after by residents - after all in these cases, the residents never call the TC. This gives the impression to some TCs that the only people who care are CWS, who seem to be the only ones calling. And we're not even residents there and not part of their constituency!

This clearly isn't the case - we KNOW there are a lot of people who care for the cats and look after them and that's why it's important for all these people to speak to their TCs and let them know that they are out there.

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Anonymous cat friend said...

Agree extremely important to let TC know taking care of community cats are in the interest of the estate. Caregivers must conduct themselves ' professionally ' as those more than negotiation skills are needed. CWS can hold such workshops.

30/4/07 3:09 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

cat friend - we DO hold such workshops :)

30/4/07 8:44 AM  
Anonymous Furry said...

Hi Dawn

I am more concern about the fate of those cats there??? Where do they have to be removed????

30/4/07 10:20 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Furry they were ALREADY removed by the time she called me. I asked her to get the feeders to call me but I never heard from them.

30/4/07 10:29 AM  
Anonymous Furry said...

Thanks for your reply Dawn. Do you know why the cats had to be removed?

30/4/07 2:10 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I got a call this afternoon from a lady whom I think is in the area. She doesn't seem to know as it seems that they are all calling the TC through one person and she hasn't spoken with this person. I asked her to check with the TC and find out what happened and see if the cats can be released without a microchip. It seems not all of them were sterilised.

30/4/07 5:01 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

these TC officers should be busy trying to eradicate cockroaches, and here they are giving the cats a hard time ...

fumigating rubbish chutes only twice a YEAR, don't know what else they do ...

how come the typical singaporean is more tolerant of cockroaches than of cats ?

i hate roaches ........

30/4/07 8:17 PM  
Anonymous Human..unfortunately said...

If u hate roaches and want them killed, then what is there to stop others who hate cats and want them removed? What is important is to improve our state of hygiene by wrapping our rubbish tightly in plastic bags so that the chutes remain clean and roaches free. Would you say homeless people who scavenge rubbish a nuisance and need to be got rid off too. Everyone draws a line as to what he or she considered offensive and thereby justifying its removal. Which line then is right?
I bet when more intelligent lands on this earth, we are ALL labelled "bloody nuisance" and cull us all.

1/5/07 11:44 AM  

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