Thursday, April 26, 2007

MUIS taking brochures

Rebecca and I were speaking today about the outreach programme to religious institutions. I had sent an email to MUIS earlier in the month but did not get a reply. When I wrote again today, it seems that the person I corresponded with had already sent out the brochures by email to the different mosques. I asked if physical brochures would help and he said that they would so I'll be sending over brochures to them. Looks like we need to print more!

The gentleman also asked if any of the mosques would let us speak with their congregation on sterilisation but so far there has been no response.



Blogger calsifer said...

Great news on the brochures. Hopefully, the mosques do put up them up and make them easily available.

As to speaking with the congregations, is the reticence usual, or would it be allayed if the CWS rep/spokesperson they liase is Muslim?

26/4/07 4:56 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Calsifer I really don't know but the MUIS representative has been helpful. Perhaps if any of you do attend mosque services, you can let the person in charge know about this?

26/4/07 5:19 PM  
Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

Kudos to CWS efforts getting MUIS help with cats sterilision brochures in mosques. Many times I encountered fellow Muslims refusing to sterilised their cats, even telling them MUIS said it is not a sin, don't help. If the "cats sterilisation" message or brochures comes straight from the mosque, I hope that helps.

26/4/07 6:15 PM  
Blogger calsifer said...

Would another blog entry to draw Muslim readers' attention to do as you suggest when they attend services help get the message out more effectively?

26/4/07 8:54 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Good suggestion Calsifer!

26/4/07 10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea i really do hope the message goes across. Those unsterilised cats around my area are house cats all belonging to Malay homes. I have helped a few of these homes to sterilise their cats, some i even had to try for months bugging them and am still trying to track where the remaining cats come from. I am not against our Muslim friends but really i just don't understand why they don't seem to understand...
It can be really frustrating that I really feel like washing my hands off these people or the poor feline frens for that matter...
Dawn, i suggest we seek a Muslim friend to give these education talks if it goes thru??

27/4/07 1:06 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I don't believe that as you said, everyone who is Muslim subscribes to it and that is also why we have written to the Buddhist groups (and will be liasing with the churches and temples too). However, it is good to get someone of the same religion and we're hoping to do that. If someone who is Muslim is open to helping out with talks, please do contact me as we are hoping to do that - at the moment though, there are no takers.

27/4/07 2:53 PM  
Anonymous Non-Malay Caregiver said...

I think there is a general distrust if the talks of advocacy are given by a non-malay from our experience in speaking to malay owners who are irresponsible. They seem to think that they have been unfairly penalised for keeping cats whereas non-malays can keep dogs that are allowed to roam freely.
How about contacting the singapore cat club that has several malays on the committee.
I think there is a general belief that malays are responsible for not sterilising their cats and hence dumping of cats. This is probably because a larger proportion of cat owners are malay. I personally believe that if we can reach out to the malay cat owners and emphasize that for sake of all our love of cats, sterilisation is of paramount importance.

27/4/07 4:51 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I think it also helps for example if you speak the language. For example, with some caregivers, Malay, Chinese or others, they may not be very fluent or comfortable in English.

We have some really good Malay volunteers - now i just have to ask them nicely if they can help :) I think if they read this, they'll know I'm going to ask them :)

27/4/07 5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will be more effective if Male Malay caregivers speak out for sterilisation.
If only some of the Malay MPs will speak for responsible cat ownership.
Has CWS written to the Malay MPs to engage their help.
Without appearing racist but by not admitting that a significant number of abandonment and free-roaming cats resulting in complaints from neighbours, come from Malays, this problem will be very difficult to resolve, frustrating caregivers who put in so much effort to get TnRm to succeed.


28/4/07 11:00 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

frustrated - I am sorry to hear you're facing abandonment too. I do think however this is a problem we should all tackle together, not one that only Malay MPs should tackle because people of ALL races do abandon cats.

28/4/07 11:18 AM  

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