Monday, April 30, 2007

Powers of welfare groups

I just received an email from a woman who wanted to know about the kitten on the string (I have been getting more emails about this case of late). She wanted to know why we left the kitten with the man. She was surprised when I explained to her that the SPCA, ourselves and any of the other animal welfare groups have no police powers. We cannot seize an animal or arrest someone because we do not have that power under the law. The only people who do have the power are the police and the AVA.

By the same token, if there is an abuse case, while it is good to keep the animal welfare groups informed, again none of us can arrest the perpetrator. The only people who can do so again are either the police or the AVA.

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Anonymous Disappointed Singaporean said...

We are indeed worse than third world when it comes to animal welfare. Even in India, the government spent money sterilising "feral" monkeys and in India, feral dogs are sterilised, whereas here AVA is contented killing cats and dogs for decades and continue to do so despite advocacy of humane methods by animal welfare groups.
Will we ever have animal police?

30/4/07 10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dogs in Sri Lanka (not India)
Letters to President

June 13, 2006

The Honorable President of Sri Lanka
H. E. Mahinda Rajapaksa,
"Temple Trees" Colombo Sri Lanka

Mister President,

We recently received an urgent appeal from our friends in Sri Lanka concerning the cruel killing of masterless dogs.

Following the Rabies Prevention Law of 1893, dogs are still routinely captured and killed by gassing or injecting of painful and lethal poisons. Some of these killings are done in public, causing much revulsion.

Appeals by animal protection societies to introduce humane methods to eradicate rabies by increased vaccination turned on deaf ears of the politicians as well as the important proposal of neutering the animals on a large scale.

It is very well known that the only efficacious, lasting and human solution to meet the canine overpopulation is correct sterilizing and neutering of the dogs.
On the contrary, in cities such as Colombo and Kandy, the Municipal Authorities, seize and kill even dogs vaccinated and castrated by animal protection societies and marked visibly with red collars!!! Several thousand dogs are cruelly killed in Sri Lanka every year!

You, Mister President, have introduced strict laws against cruelty to animals, and you have issued an order in May 2006 that the atrocious killing of dogs for rabies eradication and dog population control should be stopped. These noble directions were part of the celebrations of 2550th birthday of Buddha, the greatest preacher of compassion and tolerance, who opposed the taking of all life.

Instead of killing, you want modern, scientific and humane methods such as mass vaccination of dogs against rabies and the sterilization of dogs, reacting also to appeals by members of Sri Lanka's Buddhist clergy and animal rights activists.

Mister President, we congratulate you, admiring your efforts to ban cruelty to animals, especially dogs, thanking you for your courage and showing you our appreciation for this important step. We implore you and we encourage you to bring in this new legislation as fast as possible and ignore all those who have no respect for the lives of animals and are willing to continue with the massacres that you have described as acts of savagery in your political statement. The world will admire you for your intelligent and heartfelt acting in favour of the poorest beings, the animals!

Thanking you once more, we are waiting for your immediate action and for the favour of your reply!

Yours very respectfully!

Uta Seier-Maltz, responsible for the CIFAM France (Coordination et Information en Faveur des Animaux Martyrs) 10 chemin des Constantins, F-06650 Opio / France, courriel

30/4/07 10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

disappointed: Yes, totally agree with you. Guess the govt do not see the need of animal police as it would be a hefty cost on them
(with tax payers' $$).
The authorities still have yet to realize a better society comes when people are compassionate rather than by eliminating undeirable 'nuisances'.


30/4/07 4:54 PM  

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