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Registration desk

Registration desk
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This is the registration desk for the conference - my flight got in a little early so I was one of the earlier people there. The conference was held at the Anti-Cruelty Society and the building and facilities were impressive, especially their adoption facilities, photos of which I'll post a little later.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a good trip Dawn. Better to be among the cats rescue folks in Chicago now than be in a big, expensive building like the Parliament House in Singapore, a sad place where not a word of kindness for community cats can be heard. Those lips reflect the hearts of men who do not care.

Even if you increase their salaries to 10 millions, the cats population cannot be reduced the humane way, cat owners still be evicted etc. It's not in the agenda, I trust the simple, humble-mimded stray feeders and CWS more than politicans. They receive nothing and yet give every thing they have. Theirs is the kingdom of God.

16/4/07 2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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16/4/07 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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16/4/07 2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If AVA stops wasting $600,000 a year killing cats, and use this money to send their officers to attend such conference,then perhaps it will convince people that it has an "animal welfare" in its premises where truly humane officers are out to curb animal cruelty and not inflict cruelty in its own premises!

16/4/07 9:02 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Anonymous I'm afraid I can't correct the post - I can only delete the whole post so you need to post it again.

Anonymous, interestingly the person who now runs the Anti-cruelty Society used to run animal control and he was the one who started introducing TNR I believe.

16/4/07 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dawn please delete post no.2 and no.3 Thanks

17/4/07 2:07 AM  
Blogger thesundies said...

Hi Dawn and Anonymous,I can't agree with you more! I 've recently spoken to the residence committee chairman and community centre manager in my estate, both of them said the govt is just a body that represent the interest of the majority of the ppl. So the govt just won't budge on animal welfare bcos animal welfare is not the interest of the majority.

They even said that whether to practise kindness/compassion or not, it's entirely personal, and they cannot change people's beliefs. Even if ppl like us try, our effort is just insignificant and we are just wasting our time to fight for causes which we believe in. This came as a shock to me as I didn't expect it to come from community leaders. They said they cant spend tax payers' money on what only animal-lovers believe in, they have to be impartial and go with the majority and they said that the majority are non-activist ( apathetic zombies?) that do not have a clear stand.

Thanks Anonymous for saying kinds words to ppl like us 'humble-mimded stray feeders' it really made my day so much better after having spoken and rebuke by our so-called 'leaders'.

Dawn, perhaps singapore should have its very own anti-cruelty organization? or even animal protectors like the US. I 've spoken to some ppl abt this and they said it took US 200 yrs to evolve to its current socio-mental state, so singapore will just have to wait for it's turn. How sad.

17/4/07 1:02 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

the sundies - funnily enough it seems that organisations in the US have the same problems here. When I met with some of the groups they said that there were many other things on the authorities' agenda here too such as health care, national security, etc.

I don't however agree with what your residence community chairman said. For example, I note a lot of people throw the words around that the 'majority' do not feel this way. How do they know? Did they speak with the majority? I would bet the majority actually want the community cat population to be controlled not just effectively but also humanely.

Even if they said that the majority are apathetic, how do they know that the majority do not (if asked) feel that more should be done about welfare. This isn't about animal 'lovers' versus animal 'haters' - this is about a solution that will benefit all, whether you like animals or not, by controlling the population of community cats in the most effective AND humane method.

Why would people decide to continue killing cats AND spending money when its been shown to be ineffective? That isn't an animal welfare issue - it's an issue about being ineffective in solving complaints.

In addition, think about it - was the majority consulted on say, the pay rise given to civil servants and Ministers? That's tax dollars too, but it was felt by the authorities that it was necessary to increase salaries at this point. Decisions are made by leaders in power based on what they feel is the right move - not necessarily by what the majority feel. Of course the majority then decide to give a mandate by voting in these leaders again (or not).

17/4/07 4:45 PM  
Blogger thesundies said...

Yes Dawn, you are right, the next move should be educating the authorities know that dealing with animals in a humane and cruelty-free way is in fact an effective solution as compared to merciless killing (it's actually not necesssary to use scientific proof for something so intuitive ).

That chairman just assumed the majority are apathetic as they are not actively participating and voicing themselves. People generally don't want to be the 'hero', even one police officer I came across when I wanted to file a police report said that hero dies 1st and advised that I shldn't make my point. What has the society come to?

That chairman also used relative morality to battle my feedbacks. His best excuses are like 'it's XXX to you, but it's not the same XXX' to other ppl, you have to learn to be tolerant if you want to live a happy life, so just don't bother abt other ppl! If this is trully the case, human kind will never advance, nothing would have been achieved with this kind of attitude towards life in general. No compromises or solutions would surface with such relative morality.

We shld all think abt how to sell the idea of being effective ( plausible counter argument: different perception of being effective) in problem solving to the respective authorities.

On top of that, human always have this belief that human welfare comes 1st and it's a luxury to talk abt animal welfare, they believe that animals are for us to exploit. They feel no shame. And the chairman also affirmed that no one can ever change what another person believe in, and ppl like us are 'eat full already nothing better to do' to him. So what to do?

17/4/07 6:57 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

thesundies - I find it interesting he asked YOU to be tolerant, but didn't seem to think this reflected what other people should do. Maybe you should remind him that as he told you, this is not about his personal views whatever they may be but about being effective.

For example, I find that most people are worried about complaints because we are a very complaint driven society. What we can do then is offer a solution to that - TNRM not only sterilises the cats, but also has caregivers handling complaints AFTER that. This means less complants. If however they continue trapping but not adddressing the root of the problem (for example most 'cat' complaints are about pet cats NOT community cats), the complaints are not resolved. They've just stuck a bandaid on it but haven't gotten to the root source which means they'll get more complaints again. Working with caregivers helps to solve complaints without them having to do any work. Who can argue with that?

17/4/07 10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect a lot of Town Council officers do not bother aka lazy to investigate complaints about cats and they simply follow what their predecessors call pest control to resolve any complaints about cats. Some TC officers project their own dislike, hatred or ignorance about cats in dealing with feedback.
How to we educate these town council officers that they must get their butts off their office chairs and SPEAk to residents by walking the corridors as Dawn has done?
How do we as residents send in our appraisal of such officers so that their productivity and promotion opportunity depend on how they do their jobs effectively and not just simply killing cats in response to every feedback.
Right now we have to pray and depend on our fate on what kind of town officer we get to manage our estate. Recently I heard a "bad" lot of officers have been transferred from cat-unfriendly Tampines to Hougang, sending trepidation to the caregivers there! Must we as caregivers live in such phobia of change in management of TC?
There must be fixed logical and cost-saving protocols for each TC officer to comply instead of depending on his or her fancy of cats as well as his or her superiors' personal feelings towards cats!
I guess we need to eradicate this brainwashed "cat nuisance" notion in every civil servant, including that of TC officers.

18/4/07 6:40 AM  
Blogger thesundies said...

After speaking to our friendly police neighbour, he has 1st hand experience on how stray animals are 'disposed' after SPCA has trapped them. They are given a routine health check prior to be skinned and become zoo feed. Could this be the underlying reason why authorities do not encourage sterilization (termination of their source of free zoo feed)?

18/4/07 2:21 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

thesundies - did he see this happen? I seriously doubt this is the case. Firstly, I have spoken with people in the zoo and they said that this started out as a rumour years ago to discourage people from dumping cats at the zoo. Secondly, zoo animals are very expensive animals.I doubt they would risk feeding cats to the zoo animals just to save a few dollars. A health check to make sure they were healthy would probably need to encompass quite a few things and wouldn't come cheap - in that case, why not just buy commercial meat?

18/4/07 2:27 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous you bring up good points. Let me suggest one thing - writing in to the GM or even your MP to let them know about the performance of officers whether good or bad. If there is a bad officer the TC or MP should have their attention brought to this matter, because if they are lacklustre in dealing with complaints about cats and looking for a quick fix, they are likely to be the same in terms of other complaints too.

On the other hand, good officers should also be singled out and praised for their initiative and for really solving the problem!

18/4/07 2:49 PM  
Blogger thesundies said...

Thanks for the clarifications Dawn.

18/4/07 3:48 PM  
Anonymous sandy said...

i've always doubted abt the zoo feed thing too though ive heard abt it. zoo animals can be quite picky & have specially strict diets so they remain healthy & alive for the longest time, so i doubt cat meat shld be on anyone's menu!

19/4/07 4:52 AM  
Blogger thesundies said...

Called up the SPCA to double confirm this rumour. The SPCA lady said that euthanised animals are incinerated humanely on a daily basis by an external company called 'c-max' (variations?). Having spoken to some nus life science mates, their dept also use this method of animal disposal.
Furthermore, I believe it's not possible to safely consume the flesh as it would be heavily loaded with barbiturates.

19/4/07 5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lPoliticians have complicated agendas and humane reduction of strays got corrupted along the way from all the culling, evictions, anti-cat laws etc. A natural, simple act of God-given kindness and compassion cannot be found in the system of governance.

For stray feeders, you have moral values and wisdom, beyond the understanding of politicians.

Caring, protecting the poor community cats can only belong to those who possess kindness and compassion. Those with power and devoid of such qualities will be unfit to rule over Singapore.

23/4/07 4:37 PM  

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