Monday, May 14, 2007

Asking the TC

I just had a call from a feeder. She was calling about the trapping in her area that another caregiver had called about this afternoon. She said that she heard from someone who said they were from CWS.

I told her the best thing to do is to call her town council and ask them directly. She told me the rumour is that her MP ordered the trapping. According to her, she said that they know that their MP hates cats.

I pointed out that firstly, the MP may not hate cats but may be dealing with a lot of complaints and hence feel he or she has to deal with it. I said from what I understand the few feeders in the estate didn't want to contact the TC. I said it was important to explain to the MP and the TC what they plan on doing, and why. For one thing, if the MP only hears complaints, and nothing else, it may be that he or she feels he or she has to do something about it since the residents want the cats removed.

Secondly, I said the MP and the TC may not know WHY the residents are doing what they do. It's important to explain why they are sterilising and what they are prepared to do. The MP may feel that is a group of 'cat-lovers' versus 'cat-haters' instead of one group of residents managing the cats to minimise inconvenience to the other group of residents. She agreed it's important to work with the TC.

She said she would talk about it with her friends and then decide what to do. Most importantly, I told her to call her TC and find out from the horse's mouth what is going on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your reply to the feeder is right. I hope it "got through". Sad to say, many feeders just assume that TC staff will not be straight with them. Even if this is so, it is important to make our presence known and felt, so it doesn't become "cat lovers" vs "cat haters", leaving the TC and the MP to count which are more and which are louder! You can get much more information when you have built rapport than if you hide in your flat or talk only to your friends.

Judith (fatcat)

14/5/07 6:24 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Right Judith. The vast majority of officers are people just like the majority of caregivers and respond to reason and politeness. If you're nice and reasonable to them, they respond in the same way. There will of course be unreasonable officers - just as there are also unreasonable caregivers, or for that matter, unreasonable PEOPLE.

14/5/07 6:35 PM  

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