Tuesday, May 15, 2007


After calling several people, and the Attorney-General's Chambers who assured me that it is published, I found the town council bylaws are indeed sold by Singapore National Printers. I am going to go down and buy copies now.

The residents yesterday wanted to know if the Town Council could fine recalcitrant people littering in their estate and leaving food around. I don't think so but it's good to double check.

Some town councils like East Coast Town Council do put it online - look under bylaws. Nice work East Coast! :)

Also some like Marine Parade TC have their posters online too. I didn't go to every single TC website, but some had a wealth of information. The message here was clearly about 'leftover' food and not feeding cats which was great to see.

Do check out your town council website. I think most people log onto find out whom their MPs are but there does seem to be much more information than that.



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