Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cat on chair

Cat on chair
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I just spoke to the proprietor of this establishment which I went down to see yesterday.

She said that she had sterilised more than 10 cats after I spoke with her and that her friend had been helping her to book the slots. However the friend was not always easily contactable and she went by herself to the vet where they charged her the full rate. She said that it was too much of a hassle to get hold of her friend and she decided not to go back again.

In addition, she said that people were always dumping cats outside the backlane where she keeps the cats. She also says that she picks cats up from the street - she had seen many killed on the roads near by - and brings them back. She also said several of her neighbours have complained about the cats and are annoyed with them.

I gave her the sterilisation mailbox number and also told her about the reimbursement programme. I told her that in addition, she really has to do something about screening off the backdoor. I said that otherwise there's a good chance she will keep finding kittens dumped for her to find.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dear. poor lady sounds like she has her hands full. good thg cws has some resources to help good samaritans like her.

22/5/07 12:19 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

i like tri-colour cats - they are usually female and have a prima-donna attitude :-)

24/5/07 1:53 PM  

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