Tuesday, May 15, 2007

HDB Residents Handbook

One question we were asked yesterday was about whether town councils can fine people for littering. In most of the town councils we've dealt with, I don't believe they have such fines. However each town council has their own specific bylaws. We were asked how to look up the bylaws. Under the Town Councils Act, bylaws are published annually in book form and must be made available to the public at a reasonable price. Some residents asked how to get hold of these bylaws. I do believe it's available at the Singapore National Printers (and was told it was available there the last time) but when I called today, the woman at the counter didn't seem sure about that. I'll keep checking. Some town councils do put them on their websites. You should also check with your town council if they have them for sale.

While looking up information on town councils, I came across this :-

HDB Resident Handbook

take a look at page 57 (it also has some useful tips on how to fix things in your house).

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