Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Managing smaller area

I was just texting the woman from this morning (she can't use the phone at work). It appears that she helped get some of the cats there sterilised but she knows that there are people coming into the area and leaving a mess. She saw it when she was trapping in the area.

So it isn't a surprise when there was a complaint today that she heard - apparently food is left out and water too.

I spoke to a feeder I know who is nearby. She said that a few cats had already been going missing but she didn't want to talk to the TC. She had given up a while ago because she said she was disheartened but she agreed to try again.

I told the woman that while her intentions were good, I would suggest she might want to help out in areas where there are at least people who are responsible and will feed responsibly and handle complaints. They may need some help with the trapping or sterilisation but will look out for the cats. She said that she had found that out too and stopped trapping in new areas. She said there was just no point.

I suggested she concentrate on helping to do proper TNRM in one or two areas - that will yield better results.



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