Monday, May 28, 2007

Speaking at the meeting

Just came back from an adoption with Corbie and the adoption volunteer. The woman (who lives in private property) was surprised that the HDB does not allow cats in flats.

One positive thing came out of the meeting today. Dr Teo asked if any of the TCs had any comments - none of them did. However he asked one of the TCs about their programme which he termed a pilot project. He asked the GM what he thought about the programme.

The GM said that they had been undertaking this for a while and while there was no appreciable difference in the number of cats he believed that this could be attributed at least in part to the fact that they had not been trapping any cats in the estate at all during this period of time, whether sterilised or unsterilised. He also said that as for complaints, there were successes and failures, but that the TC was likely to continue working with caregivers.

Dr Teo said that perhaps more information was needed from this pilot project. We pointed out that a pilot had been done as was mentioned in the Bukit Merah study. Dr Teo felt however each estate would react differently especially with people moving.

We also wanted to clarify with him that the TCs were all on some level or other working with caregivers - all unofficially. There is no need for a pilot then as TNRM programmes have been going on in estates, some of which have been going on for years.

We are grateful that the TC GM spoke up about the caregivers and continuing with the programme.

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