Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Students at school talk

Students at school talk
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Here are the students at the school talk today watching the Alley Cat Allies video. They asked several questions afterward which was great to see. Some classes are very quiet and it's always good to get a curious class that asks a lot of questions.

One of the girls asked me what sterilisation was and I just told Rebecca that it occurred to me that it seems so natural to me sometimes that people would know what it is, that we often assume they do, when that isn't always the case.

Students asked me lots of questions about what would happen if all the cats were sterilised and there were no more cats, what spraying was, and why pest control didn't just trap cats and get them sterilised instead of sending them to be killed. I told her that was a very good question!

The teacher in charge said they're planning to set up a stall in the school and raise funds for CWS as well.



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