Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Today we wrote to Dr Teo Ho Pin, whom a Straits Times article mentioned a while ago was the co-ordinating Chairperson of the Town Councils (or co-chairperson). Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the actual title anywhere on the Internet. It's not on the Singapore Government Directory website (which is odd) nor did Googling the title help (though apparently he has a blog). However, whatever it is, we are writing to ask for his help with the matter of the town councils and asking for his assistance with regards to bringing back the cat sterilisation programme.

We would like to find out why the town councils didn't seem very keen on the subsidised sterilisation and on community cats remaining in the estates. There may be considerations we are not aware of and we're not actually sure what AVA is proposing either to the TCs.

We just hope that Dr Teo may give us a chance to explain TNRM to him and meet up with us. I'm sure he has a very busy schedule, but hopefully he'll have a better idea of how the programme is supposed to work if he meets us.

We honestly do believe that TNRM is the best way to handle the situation for everyone involved - if all parties are on board, the programme will work.

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Anonymous waste time said...

Typical mentality, so AVA will only work with TC?

For TC. apart from evicting owners and their community cats based on ancient HDB ruling and AVA intensive animal destructuion chambers at Pasir Panjang , they are not the best institutions to manage community cats.

They control the funds and make evil rules, they are useless to me.

Only the animal welfare groups are compassionate and efficient for managing community cats in singapore.

23/5/07 5:22 PM  

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