Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All Cat Feeders are the same

Another email from a TC officer saying that there is a problem in the area. It seems that there isn't really a caregiver there though there are many feeders according to a caregiver who fairly familiar with the area.

The officer wrote that the brochures on Responsible Feeding state that food should be cleared up but that 'your feeders' are leaving food out in the open.

I pointed out that firstly, I don't know whom these people are he's speaking of. If anything, they are residents of his estate. Yet I don't hear him saying 'my residents'. For some reason, complainants are termed as 'residents' but feeders and caregivers as 'cat feeders'. Why is this so?

Secondly, I pointed out that just because people are feeding cats does not make them automatically known to us. I told him that if they are feeding irresponsibly and it is a problem because they will not stop, he should take action against them as in any littering situation.

It is annoying that all people who feed cats are lumped together. It denigrates the efforts of responsible caregivers who take so much effort and time to sterilise, manage and feed responsibly. Yet they are stuck in the same category as people who throw food all over, or toss food out windows, or feed and not sterilise, and not handle complaints or who are not bothered when the cats are caught. This makes it easy to think that cat feeders are the problem - and hence removing the cats would be easy and solve the problem. Easy - but simplistic and completely wrong.

If one wants to imagine how offensive this can be, one only has to think for example about discriminating against a whole class of people for their race, religion or gender. Just because you see some people in that class behaving in a certain way, does not mean that the majority of people in that class do. So lumping all 'cat feeders' together is similarly wrong and gives a very misleading impression.

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Anonymous mr giggles said...

I totally agree with you. I really would like to hear the TC officers explain why complainants are "their residents" and cat caregivers and cat feeders. responsible or otherwise are known as "cat lovers" usually said in a way sounding like a ridicule.

It's bad enough that we are doing all the work that can perhaps help balance their already bad "karma", they actually think they are doing us a favour by cooperating with us!

And we have to keep reminding them that not only are we residents too, we are the ones actively solving problems and not just complaining!!!

Why is it that complaining residents' wishes "override/outweigh" our wishes? Does calling and screaming at the TC officers make them more important?

One TC officer actually tried to explain to me that the complainant is "bothered" by the cats while the cats don't bother me.... so implying that I have to try to "understand" the complainant? Well, I pretty much "bothered" by the killing of cats! Doesn't the other complainant have to understand me too???

27/6/07 12:09 AM  
Anonymous huh said...

the complainant does not have a life, so must pick a fight with the cats. His attitude bothers me, should I remove him?

27/6/07 1:08 PM  

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