Friday, June 22, 2007

Another feeder knows guy in a van

Busy afternoon - just came back from a quick run to the post office and to drop some brochures off at a pet shop.

However the phone has been ringing non-stop. Guy in the van decided he is unable to do anything for the cat because he cannot care for it. The cat is also not one of the cats he is feeding but he happened to see it. Also I told him that IF it was FIV, his cats being unsterilised were more likely to catch it. Rebecca is trying to find a caregiver in the area.

He mentioned to me that he knew a feeder I am acquainted with. I managed to get hold of the feeder today. The feeder is also in financial need so we had just helped to pay for some of his cats to be sterilised - and it turns out that one of those cats was the sterilised female from guy in a van. The feeder said he is going to keep trying to get guy in a van to sterilise the cats. He exclaimed that there were already too many cats in the van. He says he will try and get him to sterilise the females first, and then slowly convince him to get the males done. Guy in a van had mentioned we had gone down to the feeder. Hopefully guy in the van may be more amenable to advice from someone he is friendly with.



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