Thursday, June 28, 2007

I prefer to live with the cats

Checking my email while in transit and found an email from someone who wrote into their town council today to complain that the number of cats had increased. Unfortunately there are no caregivers in that particular area. The person wrote to ask that the cats be sent to the SPCA where they would be adopted.

I wrote back to explain that when the cats are removed they are killed. What is nice is that the person wrote back (and copied the TC) and said that while they still thought the number was getting large, killing the cats was too cruel. The person said that they would prefer to live with the cats then have them removed and killed. Sometimes people really aren't aware that when they complain, the cats get killed so it's good to let them know.

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Blogger EJ. said...

Yeap, most reasonable people would not want the cats to be trapped and killed once they are aware of the dire consequences.Dawn,it is very good to draw their attention about the unnecessary culling and find other humane solutions to the problems.

28/6/07 5:39 AM  
Anonymous furry said...

I fully agreed with ej. I didn't know about these killings until I met my friend who is a caregiver. I was so naive then.

But it could be too late now for this case since the TC had been alerted, though the complainant did not want the cats killed.

28/6/07 9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there a way to raise public awareness of what happens to the cats when they are removed?

SPCA already runs radio ads to highlight the fact that abandoned pets sent to them are put to sleep. obviously AVA won't run somethg like that so it's up to animal welfare groups.

i suspect many ppl are trigger happy abt calling TC to complain because they do realise what it means for the cats. if they did, a large proportion may well explore alternative solutions. of course there will be those who do not care what happens to the cats, but notwithstanding thise grp, i believe public awareness on this point wld translate into many lives saved every day.

28/6/07 10:00 AM  
Anonymous apple said...

Maybe can ask e ppl at our national newspaper,The Straits Times?After all,their mascot for e Classifieds is a Cat.

28/6/07 1:13 PM  
Anonymous belle said...

yes, a lot of singaporeans are trigger-happy, and yes, we must let them know abt cats/animals being put down at SPCA ... they think its one large adoption centre ...

28/6/07 8:56 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

It's quite tough. We were thinking of working on a campaign about it - but how to get it out to the general public?I don't believe the ST gives out free ad space.

29/6/07 12:21 AM  

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