Monday, June 11, 2007

I want a guarantee

I spoke to this woman on Friday and she mentioned she wanted to look through the foster form properly before faxing it through. She said she might send it on Saturday.

I called her this morning to find out what happened as no form arrived. She wanted to know if she could find out whom the foster was and I said of course. Then she said she wanted an assurance the kittens would not die. I asked her if she could make that assurance herself if the kittens stayed with her. She laughed. As much as the fosters will take good care of the cats, it is impossible to say what will happen (especially if they are young kittens) because cats can and do get sick.

The woman said she would 'consider it' some more and kept saying she loves cats. I told her we were more than happy to have her keep the cats. I understand that people are concerned about turning over kittens. However I wonder why she called so many people asking for a foster and kept asking that anyone take in it, and then when one was found, that she is now so reluctant. Perhaps she didn't really need a foster so badly at all - in which case, I would hope that she would not ask for one, so that others in more dire need can get help if they need it.

Fosters are a very rare commodity and if people can manage it would be best if they did so.

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