Monday, June 11, 2007

It's just a cat

I spoke to this woman again this afternoon. She rang to say that another woman had seen a cat in the area thrown in a gunny sack and tied up by a cleaner in the area. I asked if she was willing to get the woman to go to the police and she said it was too much trouble, and too much going up and down.

I asked if I could bring this to the attention of the town council because the officer seemed quite decent when I met him and she said no. It was too much trouble and hassle for her. She said they would just continue feeding and that if the cats had kittens, they would bring them to the SPCA.

I told her that the SPCA had no choice but to put most of the cats down. I told her that this was an act of cruelty and something should be done to put a stop to this. She kept insisting that it was too problematic. She said in the future she won't call me when situations like this happen. I asked her if she would still do nothing if she had seen or heard about someone being murdered. She told me that was different - that was a person and these were animals.

Sometimes you can't blame complainant for their attitudes when the cats have feeders whose attitudes mirror those of the complainants.

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Anonymous cat talk said...

She reminded me of a cat feeder who would do nothing when she saw her own community cats being attacked and killed by dogs released from vans, orchestrated murders by few men using whistles to instruct the killer dogs.

She won't tell me the blks and said better to do nothing.

Some people can only feed, they can't protect the cats against predators. A diffreent group needs to be deployed to nap the killers.

11/6/07 6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

End of the day... what is the point of feeding if you dont give a care about the cats?? Really then I rather you stay at home auntie and watch your tv and dont feed! Cos why??

You feed and most likely mess up the place as you dont care if TC come after the cats

You feed and attract cats which you then dont want to take responsibility for

You feed for reasons that are so unknown to me for I cannot understand why on earth would someone be indifferent to the animals or people they feed. You might as well tell me you are raising the cats for food and I will believe you man.

End of the day, these "feeder" only cause cats to die.. I say ban these mad aunties.....

11/6/07 7:40 PM  
Blogger Hai~Ren said...

I feel like screaming.

I really respect those who are able to deal with people with such deplorable mindsets; if I had to speak to them about such matters, I'd probably flip out and end up choking them.

12/6/07 2:54 AM  

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